Here is a list of questions and our answers from many of our parents. If you don't find an answer below or you still have questions, contact us and just ask!

1. How is the math you teach different than what is being taught in my child's school?

Answer: Of course math is math, no matter where it is taught, learned or applied. However, we will be using a proven teaching approach based on academic and scientific research to provide your child with a world-class math education. While no one can guarantee results in any situation, we have a high degree of confidence your child's math skills will improve after a short time with us. Read more about the teaching approach we use at our school here.

2. My child is in the nth Grade in public school. Shouldn't they also take your math class from that grade level?

Answer: Not necessarily...We will advise you to take this placement test. What we have found are many students don't have the math skills to be successful at the same curriculum level. We will recommend a lower curriculum level to ensure they master all necessary skills before moving on to the next level. However, if you have a gifted child, you may find from the placement test, they may perform well at a higher grade level.

3. What days of the week do you hold classes?

Answer: Usually, our classes are scheduled Friday evenings and all day Saturday. Private tutorial sessions are scheduled as needed and on any day of the week.

4. How much is tuition and how can I pay it?

Answer: The tuition costs vary based on each class and can be found here. We will maintain your family's tuition statement and balance online through the Parent Portal. You have the flexibility to make online payments using PayPal or credit card through the secure Progress Math payment gateway. Or, you may pay by check on the day of your child's class. BTW...the tuition cost of your child's first lesson is on us!

5. We have two children that we would like to enroll but we are concerned with the cost. Would you offer a discount?

Answer: For parents who have more than one child at a time enrolled in the school, we award a sibling scholarship of 10% off from each child's tuition costs.