Electronics & Robotics Workshops

At Progress Math we recognize the rapid pace of technology and innovation in the automation industry. It is increasingly important to ensure your child's education stay relevant to current and future career paths. We offer mentoring and workshops in the field of electronics and robotics to students because we believe these fields teach a greater level of problem solving. These workshops provide instruction and mentoring that allows the student to develop and demonstrate their engineering abilities. At Progress Math we use the electronics and robotics field, and its plethora of problems it can present, to teach children how to use technology to control the physical world surrounding them.

Here is a brief list of topics the students can expect to learn from these workshops:

  • Electrons, basic electricity and simple circuits

  • Learn the use of electronic test equipment

  • Basic Integrated and digital electronics circuits

  • Breadboarding and electronic component assembly

The workshops are hands-on and project based, where the student gets a STEM kit to build and test each project. The student is required to maintain his or her engineering notebook to record their activities and decisions as they proceed through each project. The students will use the "scientific process" to solve each problem they encounter. Students learn by hypothesizing, collecting data, testing and drawing conclusions.

Here is a list of some of the projects and components the students will work with:

  • Light and LED based projects

  • Environmental and sound based projects

  • Motor and servo based projects

  • Low voltage DC current projects

  • Resistors, capacitors, transistors and integrated circuits chips (ICs)

  • Digital multimeter, oscilloscope and signal generator.

  • Arduino microcontroller based projects

  • Internet-of-Things (IOT) with an introduction to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Much more...

Contact us for a STEM consultation to understand if our program can meet your family's STEM education needs.