Drone cAMP

We would like to welcome you to our next Progress Math Drone Camp! Our students have a fantastic time every year we conduct this camp. Students continue to learn and have fun building a working aerial drone. Here are a few things the students can expect from the week of Drone Camp:

  • Learn about material strength and micro-manufacturing of drone frame parts. The student will learn to use 3D printing and how it can be used to build a stronger aircraft.

  • Assemble a working drone from component parts

  • Learn about electricity and basic electronics. The children will learn about the function of flight controllers and how it effects the operation of the drone.

  • Learn about the drone's propulsion system and how motor speed and rotational direction are used to navigate the drone through the air. We will introduce the children to the theory behind "Lift" and how important it is in air flight.

  • Install flight control software and use a remote control transmitter to send commands to the drone to navigate it through the air.

  • More…

At Progress Math we host this camp as a supplement to the math classes because we are passionate about teaching the children problem solving. Although we don't consider ourselves "drone enthusiasts", we’ve found that building a working drone has so many problems that students’ have to think about and solve to be successful. Building a drone can reinforce a students skills in the following areas:

  • Multi-step problem solving

  • Mathematics, Geometry and Spatial Awareness

  • Introduction to General Science and Basic Physics

It is our opinion, that in the future, the categories of "white collar" or "blue collar" careers or jobs are becoming less relevant. Instead, we will be categorized by those who are "problem solvers" and those who are "service support" in careers and jobs. Regardless of the career path your family chooses for your child, we think these skills are very important in order for children to become competitive in the future. All the better if the learning can be cool and fun at the same time!

We host this camp during the summer school break. It is a week long, all day camp held at our school location. The first 4 days are spent in the classroom/workshop learning step-by-step of how to build a drone. Then the final day is spent offsite at a designated field or park for our celebratory test flights! Just like a career engineer, the students gets to see what it is really like to follow hundreds of steps in building something complex and really cool.

We also provide private, small group mentoring during the school year of drone and robotics related technology projects. Contact us if you are interested in joining our next Drone Camp!