Math Curriculum

K-6th Grade Curriculum – Our kindergarten to 6th grade curriculum is designed to take the student on a path to mastering the skills to solving multi-step mathematical problems. The objectives of the K-6th grade curriculum are:

  • Develop understanding of mathematical concepts:

    • Numerical

    • Geometrical

    • Statistical

    • Algebraic

  • Recognize spatial relationships in two and three dimensions

  • Recognize patterns and relationships in mathematics

  • Use common systems of units

  • Use mathematical language, symbols and diagrams to represent and communicate mathematical ideas

  • Perform operations with:

    • Whole numbers

    • Fractions

    • Decimals

  • Use geometrical instruments

  • Perform simple algebraic manipulation

  • Develop ability to perform mental calculation

  • Develop ability to perform estimation

  • Develop ability to check reasonableness of results

  • Present and interpret information in written, graphical, diagrammatic and tabular forms

  • Use mathematical concepts learnt to solve problems

  • Use appropriate heuristics to solve problems

  • Apply mathematics to everyday life problems

  • Think logically and derive conclusions deductively

  • Develop an inquiring mind through investigative activities

  • Enjoy learning mathematics through a variety of activities

Summer Intensive Preparation – Our Intensive Preparation classes are an ideal way to improve your children’s math skills and fully prepare them for the coming academic year, while avoiding the nearly universal deterioration of math skills that results if children neglect math over the summer.

Private Tutorial Sessions – Our teaching staff is available for one-on-one tutoring with your child in a variety of settings. Ideally, we recommend our classroom environment where the teacher can leverage all available teaching aids. Another option would be to accomodate the student in his or her own home. Tuition costs: $55.00 USD per student-staff-hour for onsite tutorial sessions and $75.00 per student-staff-hour for sessions at home. We also offer one-on-one video conferencing tutorial sessions for $55.00 USD per hour. Educational material costs are charged separately. Please contact us for more details and to discuss scheduling private tutoring sessions for your child.