IOT Workshop

Welcome to our Progress Math Internet-of-Things space! Our IOT workshops are designed to introduce the students to the converging world of technology that connects the multitude of devices in our everyday lives via the internet. Data is transmitted from digital and analog electronic devices to microcontrollers running software that make “smart” decisions for our convenience and pleasure. These decision can be made with as little human intervention as possible. If human intervention is even required, we are able to remotely control a device via a web browser from our smart phone! Here are a few things a student can expect to learn from participation in the IOT workshop:

  • Introduction to Analog Sensors

  • Differences between Analog and Digital Signals

  • Introduction to Microcontrollers using the Arduino

  • Introduction to Networking and HTTP

  • Coding Basics to Program the Microcontroller.

  • Controlling a Device Remotely using Input from a Sensor.

  • Introduction to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • More…

Working on an IOT project requires the use of a number of different technologies. It is important the student learn about IOT concepts first, as we have found that many young people are capable of learning the specific technologies independently and at their own pace. What is sometimes difficult is understanding the concepts of how an IOT system can be constructed from various independent components. Once these concepts are understood, students can exercise their own creativity by inventing and coding new features for their IOT system. Building an IOT system can reinforce a students skills in the following areas:

  • Abstract and Multi-step problem solving

  • Mathematics and Introductory Computer Science

  • Introduction to Environmental, Geospatial and Physical Sciences

The workshops are structured, instructor led, self-paced classes. Although not a requirement, the student should have completed a Robotics workshop to build upon their knowledge of basic digital electronics. The students will use their own laptop computer to develop code. We provide the components, lab equipment, and instruction materials. Contact us when you are ready to join our next IOT Workshop!