CAD and
3D Printing

Welcome to our space on CAD and 3D Printing workshops. This workshop is designed as an introductory tutorial to the field of micro-manufacturing. We introduce computer aided design, or CAD, to our students to model small 3-dimensional sub-components that could be used to manufacture a larger component. Our students also learn the general concepts behind operating a 3D printer. Here are some of the skills the student can expect to learn:

  • Micro-manufacturing to decompose larger components to smaller, manageable components.

  • CAD modeling using graphics drawing software

  • Various 3D printer materials and plastics

  • Slicing concepts and 3D Printing software

  • Build finishing

Learning to use a 3D printer can reinforce a students skills in the following areas:

  • Coordinate Space and multi-step problem solving

  • Mathematics, Geometry and Spatial Awareness

  • Introduction to Material Science and Basic Physics

These workshops are hosted at the school on an ongoing basis. The student will use their laptop computer to perform their drawing and design work. The workshops are self paced and portions of the instruction occurs over video conferencing. Afterwards, the 3D printing instruction takes place back at the classroom to complete the workshop. The workshops are scheduled at the convenience of both the student’s and instructors availability. Contact us if you are interested in joining our next workshop!